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Regular Style Metal Carports Boxed Eave Style Metal Carports Vertical Roof Style Metal Carports

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Engineered For Areas Requiring Heavy Snow Load Certification
Regular Style Heavy Snow Load CarportsBoxed Eave Style Metal CarportsVertical Roof Style Metal Carports

We Offer Three Styles Of Heavy Snow Load Metal Carports. The Regular Style & The Box Eave Style With The Horizontal Roof, & The Box Eave Style With The Vertical Roof.

Upgrades to our Heavy Snow Load Metal Carports include being constructed with the Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Steel Frame, a Welded Center Brace on Every Bow, the Bows/Legs are Spaced 4' On Center, one 2' Brace On Every Leg is included, and Helical Ground Anchors are included if installed to the ground are also included.

The Regular Style, (Standard Rolled-Corner Type), and the Boxed Eave Style, (or A-Frame Type), both come standard with the Horizontal Roof Design. The Boxed Eave Style can also be built with the Vertical Roof Design. Each style can be constructed with either the 14 Gauge or 12 Gauge Frame. The ridges of the steel panels on a Horizontal Roof design run parallel to the sides of the Carport. On a Vertical Roof Design, the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the Carport to the sides. Both Styles and Roof Types can also serve as the metal frame for any Full or Partial Enclosure, or almost any type of custom job you may require. We strongly recommend the Vertical Roof Design on all structures over 31 Ft. long. See our FAQ for reasons why

The Regular Style with the Standard Rolled Cornered Roof Design, sometimes called the Barn or Classic Style, is designed to be both sturdy and cost effective. The Boxed Eave Style can be built with Horizontal Roof Panels or Vertical Roof Panels. The Vertical Roof Panels will complement most homes better, and will displace water, leaves, and snow better than the Horizontal Roof Panels. The Boxed Eave Styles have a more traditional look than the Regular Style Metal Carport. Order the Boxed Eave Style with the Horizontal Roof or the Boxed Eave Style with the Vertical Roof to more closely resemble the other buildings on your property.

On our website we have conveniently priced a wide selection of Metal Carports in sizes from 12 Ft. to 24 Ft. wide, & from 21 Ft. to 41 Ft. long, which are suitable for most of our customers. We offer these standard sizes to save you time & money. We can build any custom size in between these sizes. Any custom size is priced the same as the next size up. I.e. a 16' 6" wide is priced the same as a 18' wide, a 28' long would be priced the same as a 31' long, etc.. We can also accommodate your needs with any custom size. Contact us for more information or custom quotes.

Eagle Metal Products Can Easily Be Ordered Here Online Or By Phone. Call Us Toll Free At 1-800-324-5315 For A Free Consultation Or Assistance With Your Order.
We also offer a variety of options with our Metal Carports. You should consider purchasing additional panels down the open side of your carport to keep the blowing rain off of your vehicles or equipment. We also offer additional bracing, ground installation anchors for wind certification if not anchored to concrete, and 12 Gauge frame for higher wind and snow load. Additional height is available for the legs, up to 12' high. Metal structures make excellent garages, sheds, carports, canopies, barn lean to, carport covers, shelters, boat canopy covers, shed garage kits, RV covers, barn storage buildings, sheet metal buildings, metal sheds kits, and much more.

Requires Only A 10% To 15% Partial Payment To Order. Balance & Sales Tax Only Paid After Installation. We Accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, & Debit Cards.

Free Standing Metal Carports are excellent steel structures you can use to cover your car, truck, farm Equipment, RV, boat & more. They also are used for metal canopies, carport covers, metal RV covers, metal shelters, boat covers, shed garage kits, metal carport kits, steel canopies, and much more.

*Certification is based on concrete installation with a proper footing or use of Helical Ground Installation Anchors to a suitable surface. Optional braces are required for certification for 9 Ft. to 12 Ft. legs. Free Installation and Anchoring to your Level Ground or Existing Concrete Slab. Plus Local Sales Tax Only.

20 Year Limited Rust Thru Warranty On All Horizontal Roofs Up To 31' Long & On All Lengths Of Vertical Roof

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Above Pricing Includes Free Installation To Your Level Ground Or Existing Concrete Slab, & Is Available In The States Of: CO, CT, KS, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, PA, & VT.

Engineered For Areas Requiring High Wind Speed Certification.

Engineered For Areas Not Requiring Heavy Snow Load Certification.

We Also Sell Standard Size Metal Carports In Many Other States & Provide Free Installation. Those States Include: CA, DE, FL, IA, ID, MI, MT, NE, NV, OR, VT, WA, WI, & WY. Call For Quotes.